About Us

Meet the Equal Aqua Team

Wejuli brian

Brian Wejuli

Finance Officer

Brian yearns to add a brick to the bettering of his community through the practice of that which he has learned and loves, Finance and Accounting

Maurine Aber

Communications Officer

Maurine is a passionate storyteller. She has worked with many communities in Uganda, bringing their stories to life in her comms.

Imran Chowdhury

M&E Officer

Imran is passionate about international development. He ensure that M&E is built into project, programme design and delivery.


Joan Adong

Monitoring & Evaluation

Joan in also ICS alumni, and has trained & supported M&E departments in Restless Development and other organisations

David Mclenachan

Design & Fundraising

A full-time volunteer, helping good causes in the UK and abroad, including arts festivals and wildlife charities. Still intent on travelling the world as well

Tom Mclenachan

Executive Director

Co-founded Equa Aqua with Abel. Lucky to have worked on development, humanitarian and environmental projects around the world

Abel Odeke

Managing Director

A founding member of Equal Aqua, with years of experience leading development projects with VSO, Restless Development & Gateway2Missions

Ssendagire John David


John graduated as a computer engineer from Uganda Christian University. He is overseeing the logistical operation of EAU programs

Jovia Namihanja

Project Officer

Jovia is passionate about transforming the lives of young girls by teaching sexual and reproductive health and rights.

Tom eau2

Tom Arikod

WASH Ambassador

Tom is a founding member of EAU’s WASH Committee in Aligoi Village and supports with mobilising the community for events.

Philippa Chapman

Female Empowerment

Pip volunteered on the ICS program and is now a PhD student at Newcastle University. Pip’s focus in EAU is empowering women and girls

Stanley Oboru

Project Officer

Stanley is passionate about transforming rural communities into better living spaces especial by improving the youths livelihoods.

Angelo Pane

IT - Web Lead

Angelo is a manager in hospitality with a passion for IT and programming.

Stefano Marsala

Head of Environmental Strategy

Stefano is an environmental guide with a degree in geology, he’s an activist for the rewilding movement

Chiara Sanfilippo

Fundraising Team

Chiara is extremely enthusiastic about driving change. She has a strong passion for social justice and environmental causes.

Peace Mbeiza

WASH Coordinator

Peace has experience in youth-led research and community development with Restless Development & the Giving Youth Club of Uganda

Greta Bertole

Fundraising Team

Greta has experience in EU-funded projects, focusing on youth development, education and social development. 

Cristina Liga

People Manager

Cristina is experienced in managing people resources within a variety of organisations across cultures, languages and time zones.

Lisa Duschek

Fundraising Team

Lisa is an Austria-based IT entrepreneur, who has worked in the digital education sector for the last years. 

Laura Juma

Office Manager

Laura is an enthusiast for driving change and helping to improve lives of others with 8 years of experience as an office administrator.

Tim Silman

Data Lead

Tim has a background in sustainable development, support evaluations and performance management on collected data.

Genevieve Tanga

Accounting Officer

Geny has more than 15 years of experience in finance with the UN. She is ensuring EAU maintains a reliable accounting system.

Chinedu Okoye

M&E Manager

Expert with over 10 years of experience leading/implementing different development and humanitarian projects across Africa

Martin Ebeli

Legal & Policy

Martin brings legal expertise to ensure that EAU maintains a safe, structured and secure approach to its operations

Namatai Moyo

Finance Manager

Namatai is a Zimbabwean and she has gained over 16 years’ experience and knowledge in Finance and Grants Management