Equal Aqua Uganda’s Theory of Change

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Our mission is to become a leading organisation in Uganda in addressing inequality in water, sanitation, hygiene (WASH), and interrelated issues of gender and sustainability. We will achieve this by working with partners and local communities to develop the required skills, knowledge and practical interventions to solve these challenges

Our Theory of Change (ToC) is designed to demonstrate our theory on how we achieve impact through the activities we run as a Charity. The ToC should be read from left to right and is structured into 3 main blocks. The intention block covers the objectives of Equal Aqua Uganda (EAU) and the inputs required to deliver impact. The attribution block contains activities we run and also the outputs that we expect to achieve as a direct result of running the activities. These are within the direct control of EAU and are monitoring as part of our monitoring and evaluation approach.

The contribution and influence block covers the outcomes and impacts we expect to deliver. Achievement of these higher-level results is dependent on several external factors. Whilst EAU cannot directly control whether an outcome or impact materialises, it is important for EAU to closely monitor and influence them where possible. Icons are used to demonstrate the primary link between our activities, outputs and outcomes.

The ToC also includes an assumptions and enablers & stakeholders sections which are designed to explain the context and conditions that must be in place in order for EAU’s activities to achieve impact.